PNW Elopement - Tacoma, WA

Reason's to elope in the PNW: these photos right here.

One of the greatest things to ever happen to me was Mary finding me on instagram. You know when you just immediately connect with someone and you get those dream client butterflies? One day, she reached out and told me that she was looking for another person to stand in as a witness - I was more than happy to bring a friend along and I knew JUST the one. Thankfully, my dear friend (and fav photographer) Christina happened to be available that day.

So we load up our camera gear and make our way up to Tacoma. Getting there early enough to anxiously wait in my car like I always do. Mary + Corey pull up, we're all standing around admiring how freaking amazing they looked and waiting for the officiant to arrive. Vibes: immaculate. Outfits: couldn't be any more perfect. Then Corey realized we had a little problem - he accidentally told the officiant the wrong time. Thankfully it was just a small hiccup because she was an absolute gem and rushed to us as fast as she could. I figured why not take advantage of this time, go adventure in the woods and scope out the best spot to have the ceremony! Off we go, capturing them as they giggle and just be so deeply in love - I honestly felt like we entered a fairytale. These two had Christina and I absolutely gushing, we could not get enough of them and they could not get enough of each other.

It started to rain right before the ceremony started - but rain on your wedding day is good luck anyway, right? The whole thing was giving big Notebook vibes and I was absolutely crying behind my camera the entire time. They followed their ceremony up with some shots and a cigar, of course we couldn't help but hang around and catch them soaking in the moment. After learning that Mary and I share a common favorite band, I played one of our favorite songs to slow dance to in the rain (January Wedding by the Avett Brothers). It truly felt like the stars aligned and we were all meant to be together on this day. Everything happened exactly the way it was supposed to.

PNW Elopement - Tacoma, WA by Sarah Zeutenhorst Photography co