Couples Maternity Session - Lake Cushman, WA

Searching for the words to express how magical this adventure was and I don't even know where to begin. Erin + Tyler are two of the most incredible people I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with! When they told me they wanted to go somewhere meaningful for their maternity session and asked if I would be willing to go out to Lake Cushman, my heart flew right threw the ceiling. This location has always been special to my family, and I have made so many incredible memories there - so finding another duo who loves it as much as I do got me giddy right from the start.

If you're familiar with the area, you know there's absolutely no cell service out there whatsoever. So I thought to be safe, let's all ride together! The second I hopped into the car with these two, I knew that everything was going to be perfect. From their outfits to their overall energy, I already couldn't wait to edit this gallery. Making our way up to the spot, the fog was thick and there was still tons of snow left on the ground. I had never been here this time of year so I had no idea I was in for snow! (At this point I was so glad they drive a Subaru) We get to the long gravel road that feels like home and the fog disappears as if someone had flipped a switch. On our left, I could see the lake sparkling through the trees. On our right, we would pass waterfalls bigger than we had ever seen out there because of all the snow.

Once we made it as far down the road as the trusty Subaru could make it, the adventure truly began. We trekked through snow, climbed rocks (she is a super mom already) and even got a light shower from the mist coming off of the waterfall. I truly didn't want this day to end! The love between Erin + Tyler is powerful, but tender at the same time. Authentic to a point of the cutest goofiness you've ever seen. The way these two just sunk into each other and let me capture their true selves is something I will be eternally grateful for. I don't think I ever stopped smiling.

Couples Maternity Session - Lake Cushman, WA by Sarah Zeutenhorst Photography